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My name is Ashraf and I am not a terrorist


Since my last post, my blog has seen nearly 300 hits.  Wow.  I have to say thank you to everyone who’s willing to listen to what I have to say and passing it along… For a Jersey chick with a template-blog that works for no one, 300 is a lot.

In fact, I’m starting to think about maybe turning this into my one and only job in life.  Writing, informing.  Of course, that remains to be seen as my Pakistani mother is currently acting as if Karachi is under siege… Perhaps I shouldn’t have told her what I’ve been thinking.

But to follow up on a few things people have been saying… Invisible Children is not a scam.  Does a significant chunk not go to Africa? Yes. But it goes to their films.  IC is not primarily a charity– their main goal is to raise awareness.  That money goes to their films which, as you can see, have made a big impact.

In fact, give Invisible Children a chance to address all criticism here.

One thing the latest viral video you’re all watching did not address is that while Kony may be now just doing everything he is for power, in the beginning the LRA did have a purpose.  Pretty much, Uganda’s seen a lot of ethnic conflicts and civil war… A woman by the name of Alice Auma started the Holy Spirit Movement, which pretty much advocated Acholi (an ethnic group in Uganda) interests by saying she was a prophet receiving the word of God… Kony came along and kind of started copying her, adding violence into the mix and thus bringing about the Lord’s Resistance Army.

Hold the phone there. Lord’s. Resistance. Army. The Lord. As in Christ. Kony and his men portray themselves as a Christian movement, fighting for their people in the name of God… Sound familiar?

But you never hear anyone call all Christians terrorists, now do you?

Ab imo pectore,