#MuslimGirlArmy: #BlackInMSA


My latest for MuslimGirl was published yesterday, and it takes on the experience of black Muslims in the Muslim Student Association with a Twitter roundup of the hashtag #BlackInMSA.

The thoughts and ideas shared are very insightful and, often, heartbreaking. Black Muslims constitute over a quarter of American Muslims. Before 9/11, the image of a Muslim in America was black. Still, we’ve managed to marginalize them in an already marginalized community. As stated in my article: 

Muslim students come to Muslim Student Associations (MSA) seeking safe haven and belonging, but black Muslims find further alienation instead.

So please, take a look and share/retweet! I’ve heard accusations of those taking part in the hashtag “airing out dirty laundry” (why does this always come up when someone’s calling their community out?), but I think the response I’ve seen so far to the hashtag and this roundup is heartening. Too many people were unaware, and hopefully, this awareness that’s been brought about can bring a new change, which will lead to unity that will help us alleviate our current struggles in the ummah.


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