Oy with the poodles already!


Is it unprofessional to write an entire blog post in all-caps? If so, I DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEY’RE THINKING ABOUT BRINGING GILMORE GIRLS BACK!

One of the biggest crimes in TV was The CW letting go of Amy Sherman-Palladino as a writer for Gilmore Girls. GG was her baby. GG sucked without her, as evidenced by the klaüsterfökken that was season 7. Could it be that we can retcon that entire debacle?

The revival will be on Netflix (I swear, the good that Netflix has done in this world… it’s like the cotton gin or J.K. Rowling or the iPhone), and it will be four 90-minute movies, rather than a series, according to Variety. Of course, these rumors have always gone around, but this sounds more serious than before.

Gilmore Girls is my all-time favorite TV show. However, lately I’ve been reflecting on how damn white it was. I mean, the color representation was the kind of racist and just-plain-not-accurate story line of Lane and her mother Mrs. Kim… Oh, and Michel, who was more French than anything.

Maybe Gilmore Girls will come back 9 years later with more color? Maybe it’ll come back with more Jess? (I still think he was end game, and Milo Ventimiglia screwed it up by not taking the 8-year contract). Maybe April will never have existed? What do you guys think? (Crickets as no one reads this anymore…)

We’ll see. Copper boom, Netflix!


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