Pray for Aniket


Last year, around spring time or so, I was still living in Bridgewater, NJ.  And at the time, my friends and I were fighting for a mosque to be built there– Al Falah.  I asked quite a few people at my school to come and support, as the final town hearing was in my high school auditorium, and three of my friends (none of them very close to me) showed up.  None of them were Muslim.  One of them was Aniket.

About a week ago before I left for a trip to see my uncle in Fremont, California (it’s my last night here), I noticed a video on my Facebook live feed of Aniket with a shaved head titled ‘Update’ that had a lot of likes and comments. I froze. Unknown to any of us, for the past few months, Aniket had been going through chemotherapy and God knows what after being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.  And I was amazed, although nowhere near surprised, at what he had to say.  The video, posted below, says it all.

Aniket had his surgery on this morning (or yesterday, rather) and is currently recovering and said to be up and talking and doing well.  The video has almost 40,000 hits on Youtube, and so I hope Aniket does not mind that I’m blogging about him on here.  I just feel that people should know and should see not only this very strong and very brave kid, but learn of this extremely insightful perspective. It takes a very strong and very intelligent person to take what Aniket has from all of this… And from what I’ve come to know of him in the past few years, I’m not surprised at all.

Ab imo pectore,


Here’s the link, if the embedding didn’t work:


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Syjil is a Pakistani-American journalist and struggling-to-stay-up-to-date blogger. An avid Harry Potter geek with a train wreck of thoughts and a mouth that won’t stop running, Syjil’s blogs, poems, and fiction often address politics, social issues, Islam, desi culture, and things people don’t want to hear. Currently, she is Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. She is also working on a novel, but won't say much more than that.

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