Deoccupying Wall Street?


News is breaking that Zuccotti Park is getting cleared out by NYPD… Story so far here.

According to Bloomberg’s Twitter, this is just temporary and the protestors may return once tents and such have been dismantled… But does this really mean Occupy Wall Street will be allowed to continue? Sounds a bit weird to me… and I’m wondering how the protestors are reacting right about now.

I guess we’ll be waiting and seeing.

And yes, I’m aware that many of my articles are linked to the BBC, but really… check out any other news source online and they either are just full of useless information and news (Time, Newsweek, etc) or, as much as I love them, have a bit of a confusing template to navigate (Al-Jazeera). Can we get some more good news sources up in here?

Also, I’ve had a horrible day today. Anyone know how to become a full-time professional blogger and whether or not that may be more fulfilling than a career as a physician?


Ab imo pectore,


As always:


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  1. Not sure I know anyone of the sort. I would go with what you feel most passionately about. That is the only way to ensure you will never regret the path you chose later on in life.


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