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Yesterday (or rather, day before) saw my 2nd article in the Daily Targum.  I haven’t posted about it until now, because… well. Exams. Kind of hard to be an awesome blogger chick when you’ve got your education thing going.

Dr. Brumfield of Rutgers University, along with Akdeniz University and a photojournalist by the name of Mick Minard (a woman, by the way), has started this project in Turkey that teaches this group of women farmers business skills that will help them to make a profit off of their livelihood in an efficient manner, making their lives easier.  You can find my article here.

I had difficulty writing this.  Brumfield is all the way in Turkey and Minard’s power went out what with all the snow… I couldn’t get more sources seeing as I was too busy chasing these two down, and literally got my article in at (after) last minute.  It’s just an okay piece for me… I wish I had more.

I wish I could have spoken to them in person.  I would have gotten a different angle out of them.  There’s another project by CARE USA that this reminded me of… Simply put, women’s disadvantages and lack of opportunity has led to one of our biggest epidemics: poverty.  I won’t say too much, because this video says it all for me.

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  1. Wow, that’s such an inspiring video!

    And Syjil, can I just say…mad props to you for starting at the Targum in your first semester. There’s already so much to take on as a first-year student and to add that to your plate, just awesome. Much respect =)


  2. Love the music in the video. Interesting point, not something I had thought of myself. I’m considering starting my own blog soon but just can’t seem to find the time. I too am heavily invested in A girl at this point and she is slowly but surely changing my life for the better. Don’t see why that can’t be the case for women around the world.


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